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How Coil works


Coil Members pay a monthly fee.


You set up a digital wallet and monetize your content.


Coil streams payments to your wallet while Coil Members enjoy your content.

Members pay a flat fee every month.
You setup a Web Monetization wallet and web monetize your content.

Coil sends micropayments to your wallet every second Coil Members enjoy your content.

Web Monetization with Coil

Monetize your content across the internet.

Get paid instantly while Coil Members browse your content.

Offer content publicly or exclusively for Coil Members.

How some sites use Coil


How do I make money with Coil?

You make money as Coil Members spend time on your web monetized content. The longer they stay, the more money you earn.

How much does Coil pay?

Coil pays $0.36 for every hour a Coil Member spends on your content. Coil sends micropayments roughly every second for each visiting member.

What's a digital wallet?

You need a digital wallet to receive payments! Certain digital wallet providers support a protocol called Interledger. To receive payments from Coil, you need such a wallet.

Make it exclusive

Tap into the full potential of Web Monetization by offering exclusive features for Coil Members.

Flood Escape by Andrzej Mazur
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Flood Escape by Andrzej Mazur

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