What is Web Monetization?

Web Monetization is an open technology and proposed web standard that streams micropayments–aka fractions of a penny–to websites as you read, watch, and listen to content. Web Monetization was made possible with the creation of Interledger, an open and inclusive payments network that puts humanity first.

What is Coil?

At Coil, we’re using Interledger and Web Monetization to develop better ways to reward the creators, publishers, and platforms that create the content you love. All without relying on advertising, site-by-site subscriptions, or privacy-invasive data collection and tracking.

You can learn more about Coil and the technologies it's built on at coil.com/about.

How else can I use my free membership and tipping credits?

You can use your Coil Membership to experience the potential of Web Monetization and support creators and developers across the growing Web Monetization ecosystem by checking out our Discover page and the vibrant community at Grant for the Web.